Hotel 43 Named AAA Best of Housekeeping Winner 2020


July 24th, 2020

For Immediate Release


Hotel 43 is named AAA Best of Housekeeping Winner 2020


BOISE, Idaho -- Hotel 43 is designated as one of AAA’s ‘Best of Housekeeping’ properties for 2020.


AAA’s ‘Best of Housekeeping’ Award recognizes AAA inspected and approved hotels that meet high requirements in cleanliness and condition. ‘Best of Housekeeping’ award winners are scored in the top 25% of the 27,000 hotels inspected annually. 


While every hotel must meet expected standards of cleanliness and condition to qualify as AAA Inspected & Approved and receive a Diamond Rating, hotels awarded the Inspector’s Best Of Housekeeping designation significantly surpass expectations, as measured during a comprehensive, on-site inspection. All areas of the property must reflect this very high standard as AAA inspectors review for evidence of dirt, dust, pests, equipment performance and more.

Hotel 43 is Boise’s original boutique hotel focused on all things Idaho and is a 2020 Forbes Recommended Hotel. Located in the 43rd state on the 43rd parallel, and neighboring Chandlers Steakhouse, Hotel 43 offers unique and personalized stays in the heart of downtown Boise.





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