Why Hotel 43 is Perfect for a Downtown Boise Stay

September 11, 2018

by hotel43

Whether you're here conducting business or on a getaway, you will want somewhere central, making it relatively simple to reach other locations in downtown Boise. The city is full of great things to do and see. There is shopping, venues for the arts, museums and live entertainment. Then, when you aren't at play, you will want a sanctuary to rest with pleasing decor and amenities. Such a place does exist in the city of Boise, Idaho. When you book your next trip, book it with Hotel 43. Here is why:

We're in The Heart of the City

Downtown Boise is a veritable playground. Hotel 43 in that metaphor is the spinny thing the kids stand on in the middle they hop off in the direction of where next they will play. The hotel is in the heart of Boise and the perfect carousel to launch you to your dinner reservation, your business meeting at a cafe', or the Boise Farmer's Market for some fresh local culture.


Boutique Unique

Some hotels meet expectations, many don't, and then there are those that have such a uniqueness about them. These are hotels that inspire you to imagine a scene from a movie taking place in the lobby. That is what makes for a boutique style. Hotel 43 has an atmosphere that exudes intrigue. The prime number 43 is not just the namesake. The number 43 is the parallel that the Boise metropolitan area lies upon. The Hotel cites 43 unique connections to the state and history of Idaho. For example, Idaho was the 43rd state named in America. This is the hotel for you if you love one-of-a-kind things.


Metro Cafe

Just off the lobby of Hotel 43 is the Metro Cafe. This coffee house serves up a cool bohemian vibe and an excellent breakfast. From the kitschy decor to the smell of espresso, this place is great at all times of the day. They are open every day of the week and offer free Wi-Fi if you just want to sit and relax with a latte.


Chandler's Steakhouse

If you love a good steak, then there is a real treat waiting for you. Chandler's Steakhouse is regarded as the best steak joints in town and boasts the finest cuisine made with Idaho-sourced ingredients. Come for dinner, then move over to Chandler's martini bar and enjoy what they refer to as their ten-minute-martini while listening to some live jazz. What is even better is that Chandler's Steakhouse is right on premises at Hotel 43.


The Boise Experience

As mentioned before, Hotel 43 is situated perfectly in downtown Boise. You can walk to everything worth seeing: the rows of trendy shops and eateries, the Boise Art Museum for a little culture, and for those on business, the Convention Center is just minutes away. Hotel 43 also provides a complementary Arts Passport. A booklet that gets you free or discounted access to the Boise Arts Museum as well as many other cultural venues in town.


Hotel 43 is the ideal accommodations for your next visit to Boise. Enjoy the beautifully arranged decor as well as our PURE® Allergy friendly rooms providing the benefit of hypo-allergenic linens and improved air quality. Comfort, style, and convenience are paramount here. Book your stay today.