Things to Do: Boise Farmer's Market

September 19, 2018

by hotel43

You can't deny the charm and variety of a great farmer's market. An outdoor bonanza of local merchants selling their goods is just what you need to put some wholesomeness into a dull weekend. Imagine the fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables, the homemade sundries and crafts. And there are always a few places selling baked goods like fresh apple pies. Don't forget to check out the meat vendors for some prime cuts to throw on the BBQ. Somehow, it seems that anything you buy at a farmer’s market tastes better, doesn't it? There is a good reason for that.

Close to Home

These days we all know how important it is to eat healthier. In fact, one aspect of that idea is to buy local. See, the goods you buy at your supermarket are typically brought in via truck, trains, and boats. Sometimes all three. You can usually purchase tomatoes from halfway across the country if you wish.


At the Boise Farmers Market, however, you are getting those tomatoes from Boise farmers. They have more flavor and last longer. With food costs on the rise and increasing attention to the way large corporations treat the food we eat every day, buying local from a farmer's market helps us to eat better. It also helps farmers stay in business and the environment in the long term by forcing corporations to limit using additives and pesticides to preserve produce during the long trek to your supermarket.

Sprouts Kids Club

Teaching our kids the importance of supporting the local food system is one way to change our perspective on where we get the things we eat. Sprouts Kids Club gets kids involved and teaches them the importance of sustainability and the benefits of eating nutritious food. This initiative is only one of the many things that Boise Farmer's Market supports in the fight for sustainability and environmental protection.


Harvest Moon Dinner

On Saturday, September 8th is 2018's Harvest Moon Dinner. It's a Boise tradition. With support from Boise's Farmer's Market, Boise's most creative chefs prepare a sumptuous 5-course meal. Proceeds go to fund programs such as Sprouts Kid's Club and the Farmer's Mobile Market.

CHOP Cooking Classes

Passions can manifest early in the hearts of our youngsters. CHOP is a continuation of Sprouts Kids Club. On the first Saturday from June through September, children get hands-on experience in cooking with farm-fresh, local ingredients. Supervised by CHOP chef Tamara Sloviaczek, the kids learn not just about cooking but about why locally grown ingredients are essential.


Boise Farmer's Market has a something for everyone and some of the friendliest growers in all of Idaho. Be sure to come early for the choicest selection from Boise's best farmers.