PURE Wellness Rooms and Suites at Hotel 43

January 15, 2019

by hotel43

When hearing the term "wellness," what comes to mind? It is more than simply being free from illness. It is a dynamic process and an ongoing effort for positive change and growth. In your everyday life, you make a conscious choice over what is or is not contributing to your overall wellness. Your choice of diet, how much exercise you do, and other actions all contribute to your physical and emotional state of being. A commitment to wellness takes dedication, which can be achieved in your routine at home and work. How do you uphold these standards when traveling in Boise, Idaho? The answer is PURE Wellness rooms.

clean bathrobe at hotel 43

PURE Accommodations

The incomparable Hotel 43 in Boise is the only hotel in the state of Idaho that offers PURE Wellness rooms for their guests. What is PURE Wellness? Simply put, PURE rooms offer the wellness-conscious traveler accommodations that employ technology-driven steps to achieve the very best possible experience.

7 Steps to Wellness

PURE Technology is the best that the industry has to offer in wellness to the weary traveler. It is achieved through a precise, 7-step process that culminates into the freshest, most hygienic rooms for energy and vitality. Let's look at what makes for a PURE Wellness experience:

  1. PURE Ozone Shock Treatment: Eliminates odors, bacteria, viruses, and germs from the air.

  2. PURE Clean Surfaces: Every hard and soft surface is cleaned and sanitized, using PURE's proprietary cleaning methods and materials.

  3.  PURE Shield: After each and every surface is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, a layer of protection is applied that forms a bacteriostatic barrier. This solution prevents harmful, allergy-triggering microorganisms from growing after deep cleaning is performed.

  4. Air Conditioner Purification: Your in-room AC unit can be an entry point for invisible toxins and microorganisms. Each unit is deep cleaned and sanitized to ensure clean operation while keeping the room at peak comfort levels.

  5. Fresh Air, Always: Making your hotel room PURE is not just something that is done before you settle in, it is happening while you enjoy your stay. Antimicrobial tea tree oil cartridges are added to your room's air systems. It maintains cleanliness, fights bacteria, and emits a fresh scent.

  6. Hypo-Allergenic: Cleaning the air and surfaces are critical parts of the PURE process, but other fixtures are also added to your room to complete the wellness experience. Mattress protectors and pillow encasements are installed to provide added protection from dust and dust mites.

  7. 24/7 Air Purification: Last but not least, medical-grade air purifiers are situated in every one of our PURE rooms to capture 99.99% of all airborne viruses, bacteria, and other ultrafine particles and contaminants.

pure wellness machine

PURE Rejuvenation

A lifestyle that focuses on wellness can be the key to a more healthy, vibrant self. However, as with most things we practice with habit, it can be challenging not to have our healthy way compromised when traveling. With PURE Wellness rooms, your rejuvenating journey will be complete, right down to the pillow you fall asleep on.

Hotel 43 in Boise, Idaho offers PURE Wellness rooms exclusively to guests of Idaho's trendiest, boutique hotel. Book your stay today.