Girlfriend's Getaway to Boise

September 11, 2018

by hotel43

Where to Stay

In Boise, you want to stay somewhere that is somewhat central. Whether you want to avoid car fare or plan on having a few cocktails, being within walking distance of nearly everything is a brilliant move. Hotel 43 in Boise has you covered and is an excellent choice to make as your rest-and-recharge station. In the heart of downtown Boise, you couldn't ask for a better location. Hotel 43 is modern, warm, welcoming, and unique. Surrounded by the best Boise has to offer, from quaint eateries, shopping and night spots, there's not a more comfortable place to put your feet up from a long day of browsing the boutiques.


The Brunch Spots

Ah, Brunch. Too late for breakfast, too early for lunch, and you are almost guaranteed a delicious slice of cantaloupe. Boise has some great spots for those recovering from a night on the town. Let's start with Bacon. That is not a spelling mistake. This incredible gift to humanity is actually the name of a restaurant. The entire concept centers around dishes made with Berryhill Bacon. An institution not to be missed.

Then we have Bardenay. It is open for brunch on weekends and used to be a warehouse on the Historic Basque Block in downtown Boise. It's now a famous distillery and restaurant serving upscale fare. Lastly, there is Goldy's: a bistro that's a dream come true for breakfast lovers. In fact, they specialize in this morning meal. Their eggs bennie is known all over town, and they have the strictest standards for all of their ingredients. The fruit alone is shopped for by the chefs themselves to ensure the highest freshness and quality. Goldy's is the sort of place you take your friends to impress them.


The Nightlife

If you and the girls love the nightlife and want to boogie, then Boise is no slouch when it comes to bars and pubs to fit the bill. Start with the 8th Street Bars, for example. Juniper on 8th is a romantic poem about Idaho. The food and cocktails tell a story about the state's rich culture. If you start here, be sure to try a Juniper Gin & Tonic.

Then if your group is into cocktails as an art form, Amsterdam Lounge is your destination. An eclectic atmosphere and a choice lineup of craft cocktails to sample are what you will find here. Lastly, and for the adventurist, there is the Boise Bike Bar. No, this isn't a biker bar with lots of leather and tattoos. It is a bar on an actual 13-person bike that you pedal while drinking. It sounds crazy, but it is tons of fun and boasts a great tour of downtown Boise.


Wonderful Wineries

Perhaps you and your girlfriends are looking for something a touch more refined on your trip to Boise. The region has some exceptional wineries to visit. Think of a lazy day trip with the sun shining and the open road as you and your friends stop at beautiful vineyards for some great food and some rich wines by the glass.

Some of the finest establishments in the Snake River Valley include Cinder, a family owned and operated winery with as much charm and character in their staff as the wine in their cellar. Another stop should be Syringa. In the heart of Boise, it is one of the most picturesque areas in the state. Syringa has an exceptional selection and is committed to sustainable wine-making, environmental values, and a love for the beautiful place they live. It's a special spot to share the love of the fermented grape.


Shopping in Boise

Downtown Boise has some great shops to browse. There are the quaint merchants of Old Boise, the historic Hyde Park with its unique architecture, and Boise Farmer's Market. The market is especially fun if you're looking for a charming outdoor experience. Be sure to bring your credit cards and wear some comfortable shoes because a day of shopping in Boise is sure to tire out the troop.


So, call up your girls and start planning a trip to Boise you'll never forget. Get the most out of your dream getaway, and book your stay now at Hotel 43.