Discover Boise's Hipster Bar Scene

December 11, 2018

by hotel43

Boise has a thriving nightlife scene, and that includes some great hipster bars, cocktail lounges, restaurants, and plenty of other establishments where you can relax and have a drink after a day of exploring, shopping, mountain biking, or sightseeing. To help you get the most of your stay, here's an overview of some of the best hipster bars in Boise, ID.


PreFunk specializes in local craft beer and has 20 taps for you to choose from. And if you're staying at one of the boutique hotels in Boise, Idaho and would rather relax in the comfort of your room, then you can buy your beer online and pick it up at the bar on the way back to your hotel.

beer being poured into glasss


Neurolux has happy “hour” every day from noon until 8 p.m. as well as live music and indie bands just about every night of the week. Even though this is among the trendiest bars in downtown Boise, the atmosphere is very laid back and welcoming.

The Whiskey Bar

The Whiskey Bar has whiskey from just about every country and region, including Canada, Japan, Scotland, India, Ireland, and, of course, the good old USA. And if you happen to get too comfortable and enjoy one too many whiskeys, there's plenty of lodging in downtown Boise, Idaho just around the corner.

many whiskey glasses clinking together

Press and Pony

Head to the Press and Pony for a drink when you feel like a great cocktail, whether you want to stick to the classics or like to get creative and try one of the bar's signature drinks.

The Mode Lounge

This place has one of the best atmospheres in the city, thanks to the vintage lighting and art deco décor. The Mode Lounge even has plenty of vintage drinks to complement the ambiance, including cocktails made with bitters, vermouth, and syrups that are made in-house.

orange vintage cocktail with mint

Lost Grove Brewing

Lost Grove has it all: fresh beer on tap straight from the brewery, vintage lighting, and cozy wooden décor. And thanks to the convenient windows, you can even get a sneak peek into the brewery where the magic happens.

The HandleBar

Lots of people visit Boise for the mountain biking, and The HandleBar is the place to go after a day of shredding the trails. When you arrive, bike right into the bar and park your ride in the back with the others before settling in with a pint.


When you need some delicious food as well as a coffee or glass of wine, then Txikiteo (pronounced chee-kee-tay-o) is the place to be. They have Basque-style tapas on the menu for dinner as well as charcuterie, daily specials, and breakfast and lunch options if you need to fuel up before heading out for the day.

There's plenty of nightlife to see and experience in the city and lots of great Boise, Idaho hotels downtown where you can rest and relax after a day of sightseeing and a night of exploring. Locals and tourists alike love these Boise hipster bars, so be sure to check out a few while you're here.