Best Breweries in Downtown Boise

March 5, 2019

by hotel43

Who doesn't love a drink of that perfect pilsner or a delicious ale? Beer has been part of world culture for centuries. There isn't any sign of this staple losing popularity any time soon. In fact, in recent years there has been an evolution of beer culture. Domestic beer, at one time, meant your beer was from major known brands. These days, beer aficionados and casual drinkers alike seek out a more unique offering from various micro-breweries. If you’re a beer-lover, here are some of the best breweries in Boise, Idaho that you won’t want to miss!  

White Dog Brewing

You know you have stumbled upon a brewery with a flair for the eclectic when their labels all include depictions of "a real badass human and dog" on every can. Every beer they make comes with a story, as told through their unique packaging and website. Try out a few and read every tale; you might just find your new favorite.

Payette Brewing

If there is such a thing as beer rebels, you will find them at Payette Brewing Co. They are pioneers of the beer set and proud of it. At Payette, they embody a set of core values that aim to educate and enrich their community. You’ll love Payette for their beer, philosophy and outdoor beer garden, complete with cornhole. Find them at 733 Pioneer Street and be sure to visit their Tap Room.

different strengths of beer sitting next to each other

Lost Grove Brewing

This brewery is on a journey to find their lost grove (hence the name). An almost existential philosophy about embracing the here and now along with a mission to make beer sustainably. To join them on their quest, start at the Lost Grove tap room that seats 70. Grab a pint and get lost in the flavor and atmosphere. The quest starts at 1026 S. La Pointe Street.

10 Barrel Brewing

This joint is right downtown, and they say it’s "hoppiest place on earth." How can one miss a visit to see if that promise holds true? Find all the barrels you could want at this Boise brewery on 830 West Bannock Street.

Boise Brewing

If your list of things to do in Boise includes seeing how beer is made, then make sure you stop at the city's namesake brewer, Boise Brewing. The tables are surrounded by serious beer making and dedicated brewmasters. While you’re there, you can even vote for their next custom brew. Boise Brewing is for everyone but is most appreciated by those who love all aspects of beer.

group of friends clinking beer glasses together

Meriwether Cider House

The link between wine and beer is cider. Cider has a very rich heritage in the United States and that is well represented by the family at Meriwether Cider House. Their brews come in many varieties from dry to sweet and from gin botanical to apple pie. Head on over to 224 N 9th Street and enjoy a pint or more.

Bru Taproom

Whether time is short or you just want a one-stop shop, you must visit Bru Taproom. They have beer from dozens of local breweries to tantalize and refresh you. The best part? It's a beer buffet! Imagine a wall of self-serve taps to choose from. You can find any brew you’d like in this magical place at 132 N 8th Street in downtown Boise, Idaho.

Talk about a beer paradise. Boise, Idaho is just the place for a brew lover’s getaway. Don't forget to book a stay at Hotel 43, located conveniently in the heart of downtown near the best Boise breweries. Cheers!