Why Boise is the Next Hip Destination

February 6, 2019

by hotel43

Trends in travel can change with the seasons. One thing is for certain though, more and more people are looking to take a road less traveled and want to steer clear of clichés like all-inclusive tropical resorts. If you feel it’s time for something a little more unique, book your trip to Boise, Idaho, an up-and-coming "it" destination spot. Boise has a rich history with one-of-a-kind venues, activities, and restaurants. Let's look at what's popular for travelers to Boise, Idaho.

friends taking a selfie during an outdoor summer festival

Treefort Music Fest

If there is one stand-out draw to Boise at any time of year, it is live music. The Treefort Music Fest in March is a 5-day indie music festival, located at various venues throughout downtown Boise. The first event was in 2014, and the show has been running ever since.

The festival has more than just great music though. There are various "forts" around Boise that have something for everyone. There is Alefort for the beer aficionados, Comedyfort for giggles, Filmfort for movie buffs, Foodfort for foodies, and more. There is even a fort just for kids! The festival is in March 2019 from the 20th through the 24th.

Tickets for these events are already on sale. So if a music festival is on your list of things to do in Boise, you best get your tickets soon as they do sell out fast.

hands raised during a summer concert

Boise Music Festival

If you love live music, but your travel plans are closer to the beginning of summer, then Boise delivers with the Boise Music Festival on June 22nd. It will be an unforgettable day with your favorite artists, local performers, and fun activities. Enjoy unlimited carnival rides or browse some festival vendors that offer locally made clothing and delicious food. The festival begins at 10 am and winds down at 10 pm.

Activities in Boise

Your hip trip to Boise is not all festivals and concerts. There are fun ways to get active all over Boise. Bogus Basin is a unique skiing area that is open year-round with summertime activities to please all-season sports enthusiasts. Bogus Mountain also has the only mountain speed coaster in Idaho. Imagine you and a passenger on a single cart, speeding down a track through the trees.

flowery mountainside in the summer

If you want to get out on the trails, there are many mountain biking and hiking paths that are close by in Boise for some freestyle adventuring. For a truly unique experience, there are "Bike Bars" around town in the spring, summer, and fall. Yes, these are multi-person bicycles that serve cocktails while you and your fellow patrons pedal through the city.

Brewing Up & Wining Down

There are dozens of micro-breweries and wine bars in Boise. Try Payette Brewing, an outdoor hangout and brewery with gourmet food trucks stationed to serve guests. Or maybe you’d like the Meriwether Cider Tasting Room for some apple-made beverages. For the wine drinkers, stop by Coiled Wine Bar, which is a cute downtown spot with live music and an eclectic atmosphere.

beer pouring from beer tap into glass

From fantastic festivals to outdoor adventures, Boise might just be your next hip destination. While you’re there, stay in the heart of the city at Hotel 43, Boise's trendiest hotel. Book your stay today.